I don’t think there is a better unanimously agreed upon hero than a Mom. Just look at what she’s had to take on in the past year-plus. Not only is she juggling her day-to-day, but she’s added in Zoom skills, homeschooling, groceries at the front door, rationing toilet paper and cleaning supplies all while negating fears.

While my mom is no longer with me, she would have been incredibly resourceful in today’s world. She was a brilliant multitasker, capable of adjusting and responding to the needs of the moment (family or community) at the flip of a switch.  She always put others first and held my dad and the seven of us kids to the highest standards of ourselves.

In my own world of being wife, mom, sister, friend, and business owner, it is my mom’s gift of showing me the best of multitasking that I value the most.  It was her ability to concentrate on one thing at a time and within a millisecond shift to the next need — all with you never forgetting that you were the most important part of her day.

This Mother’s Day, in honor of my mom, I salute the multitasking moms who have been challenged during this pandemic more than ever before.  They have parented, worked remotely, taught school, learned to Zoom and all with a sense of service to others.

Ginny Seyferth APR
Founder & President