Public relations isn’t just about communications and branding, it’s about using communications and branding to help businesses grow. Earlier this year, SeyferthPR was introduced to a new juice delivery business, and when I joined SeyferthPR as an intern, I was part of the team that set out to counsel Elaine Figures of Juices by Elaine on how to make her new small business successful now and in the future. We provided guidance and expertise in several different components of her business launch and made sure each was appropriate for the size and capacity of the business.


Powerful brands have an easily recognizable identity that is an honest reflection of the company. Having a brand identity serves as the foundation for everything the business does now and in the future, and creates feelings that a fan or consumer can easily identify and relate to as well.

Elaine (the founder of Juices by Elaine) is a family-oriented woman and is a people person with a strong character. Because she is a one-woman operation at this time, she is the business and thus the brand should reflect her and her character. Our counsel was that the business’s original name did not accurately reflect Elaine and could even cause confusion as to what the product was. Juices by Elaine was chosen for its authenticity to the product and the person behind it.

Maximizing Digital Touchpoints

Like most brands, Juices by Elaine has a digital presence. With Elaine, the goal was to create channels or touchpoints that could lead to an online purchasing platform to allow a better organization of her business. We advised her to create a simple website that would not require a lot of effort or cost on her end, and most importantly, would allow customers to efficiently order products. By developing and launching an e-commerce site, this has now become the home base for Elaine and her brand.

Social Media Presence

Social media is a significant tool in spreading the word about and growing a new business. As a one-person business, our goal was to guide Elaine on how to efficiently choose the right platforms and deliver content that would connect with her target audience. To continue with the theme of authenticity, we advised Elaine to produce a series of social media videos that included her in her garden and her kitchen. These messages allowed the audience to connect to the product and brand, and meet Elaine in a setting where she feels naturally comfortable. By incorporating hashtags and branding statements into these videos and social posts, Elaine was able to be seen outside of her fanbase while also allowing those who interacted with her to recognize and identify her brand and character.


The clear communications and branding strategy we provided Elaine has helped pave the way for Juices by Elaine become a successful locally-owned business. In just a short period of time, Juices by Elaine has tripled product sales and developed a growing customer base – all while maintaining brand authenticity and the effectiveness of simple messaging, setting the foundation for future growth.


Nick Clark