SeyferthPR’s deep bench of media and social media experts are skilled in real-time monitoring and brand management to deliver accurate and impactful messaging across a variety of platforms and mediums. Our work includes:

  • Content development
  • Ensuring brand tone
  • Writing, video production
  • Hyper-local targeting
  • Relationship building
  • Influencer engagement
  • Building trust with media and social influencers

Orion Construction

Public Relations

SeyferthPR’s expertise in brand messaging and integrated communications across all media platforms has positioned Orion Construction and its new leadership team as a distinguished firm that enhances the communities it serves and promotes economic growth. Through the use of traditional media, social media and community relations, SPR continues to highlight Orion Construction’s reputation as a leader in Michigan’s commercial construction industry, specifically in the reemergence of “business as usual” following the COVID shutdown.


Key Relationships

SeyferthPR’s expertise in cultivating a long-term strategic partnership with I-CAR (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair) involves:

  • Strategic counseling of various marketing initiatives
  • Tailored content creation for its quarterly publication, podcasts, blogs and other communications channels
  • Integrated communications to lead media relations efforts

Michigan Agricultural Council

Sharing Valuable Stories

Michigan is a leader in producing specialty crops for many of its communities and beyond. SeyferthPR identifies consumer connection opportunities for the Michigan Agricultural Council by:

  • Crafting in-depth stories for the “Michigan Grown Michigan Great” campaign
  • Creating awareness of the correlation between consumer consumption and Michigan crops
  • Producing videos of Michigan crops’ journey from farms to household kitchens
  • Partnering with major grocery retailers to directly connect with produce purchasers


Curating Innovation

SeyferthPR is spearheading a strategic launch of a high-end online athleisure boutique, ObservaMé®, which was founded around its patent-pending watch opening design for real-time tracking/monitoring during athletic training, and incorporates:

  • Identifying targeted local and national media for outreach and distribution
  • Creating robust social media content strategies
  • Developing key influencer outreach and engagement
  • Establishing targeted sponsorships and marketing opportunities

Great Lakes Bee Company

Supporting Environmental Heroes 

SeyferthPR delivers effective social media brand strategies for the Great Lakes Bee Company (GLBC) through an integrated approach along with increasing brand awareness to shine light on GLBC’s work that is bigger than you, us and them, which includes:

  • Creating social media content geared toward GLBC’s target and future audience(s) based on relevant research
  • Skillfully managing the brand’s social media content across appropriate platforms
  • Crafting blog posts that drive interaction between the brand and its audience and consumers
  • Growing exposure to the cause behind Bee’s and how GLBC is a pivotal organization in our region for Michigan Agriculture and our ecosystems

Franciscan Life Process Center

Raising Awareness

SeyferthPR helps organizations, like the Franciscan Life Process Center, raise awareness by providing:

  • Reorganization and optimization of social media strategy
  • Creation of new media relationships with communities
  • Superior video treatment and production to disseminate messaging

Juices by Elaine

Growing Local

Our team maintains close ties to our roots in our client work. SeyferthPR has aided the growth of Juices by Elaine from the early beginning by offering:

  • Development of brand identity and messaging in mediated communication
  • Creation of an ecommerce site with multiple channels of engagement for purchasing
  • Personalized media, video treatment and production to lead social media efforts
  • Strategic business counseling to ensure a positive growth pattern in media, sales and in the community.


Showcasing Expertise

SeyferthPR positions LOGICDATA as an expert global manufacturer and supplier in the adjustable furniture industry by:

  • Identifying opportunities to showcase the company’s products and services
  • Leading media relations and blog writing initiatives
  • Curating product launches for the industry’s largest trade show in Las Vegas

Carl’s Golfland #ShankThisVirus

Corporate Social Responsibility

SeyferthPR worked with Carl’s Golfland, and the client’s advertising agency, to create #ShankThisVirus, a multi-faceted, integrated campaign of corporate responsibility and social, media and community relations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Donations made from proceeds of fundraising efforts complimented with corporate dollars were directed towards a myriad of struggling entities including healthcare, first responders, non-profits and chambers of commerce.
  • Engaged with PGA/LPGA golfers and golf-industry influencers.
  • Distributed more than $625,000 to 21 frontline worker operations and chamber of commerce organizations.