SeyferthPR began as a vision of Chairman and CEO Ginny Seyferth in 1984. Driven by a diverse team of talented professionals – from former corporate communications executives and seasoned journalists to legislative staffers and market researchers – SeyferthPR has become a leader in delivering award-winning communications and media relations, digital and social engagement, and event planning and consumer activation strategies to dynamic brands and organizations across the Midwest and beyond.

For nearly 40 years, SeyferthPR has embodied the shared visionary values of integrity, respect, innovation and excellence to create powerful conversations for clients. Today, SeyferthPR stands at the forefront of every aspect of public relations work we do and in every community we serve.

Our Team

Ginny Seyferth APR

Chairman & CEO

John Helmholdt


Karen Kirchenbauer APR

Senior Vice President & Principal

Tyler Lecceadone APR

Senior Vice President & Principal

Regina Daukss

CPA, MBA, VP Finance

Emirrora Austin

Senior Account Executive

Claire Bladek

Consumer Engagement Account Executive

Caroline Bogdanovich

Brand Ambassador

Hannah Bowen

Assistant Account Executive

Brianna Brennan

Community Relations Manager

Kirtus Burns

Business Manager

Colin Camp


David Chomiak

Executive Administrative Assistant

Gwen Cieslak

Vice President

Whitney DePree

Creative Services Manager

Tatiana Grant

Strategic Partner

Katie Haley

Brand Ambassador

Lauren Karash

Brand Ambassador

Anna Konen

Media/Social Media Coordinator

Lauren Lawrence

Senior Account Executive

Kyle Layson

Assistant Media Coordinator

Ben Malloy

Brand Ambassador

Jason Manshum

Senior Counsel

Keegan Meicher

Public Relations Manager

Kasi Meyer

Vice President

Kira Mioskie

Consumer Engagement Coordinator

Kyle Moroney

Senior Writer

Aileen Mulcahy

Project Coordinator

Marcus Owens, Jr.

Project Coordinator

Mathew Pratt


Jacob Schantz

Project Coordinator

Hannah Taylor

Public Relations Coordinator

Irma Torres-Avila

Accounting Coordinator

Leigh Ann Towne

Senior Media Coordinator

Mary Voet


Briquell Welch

Project Coordinator

Spencer Wheelock

Vice President

Of Counsel

Brad Back

Senior Counsel

Cynthia Domingo

Senior Counsel

Eileen McNeil

Senior Counsel

Brooke Vining

Event Management